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Art of Living Foundation - Address
Art of Living
Bangalore - International Center 21st km,
Kanakapura Road, Udayapura,
Bangalore - 560 062

Art of Living Institute - Location
It is easily accessible from Bangalore by road as local buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws are easily available. Bangalore being a fair weather city, all year round is a good time to visit the center.

What Is Art of Living
The Art of Living courses involves techniques that creates interest in life and ameliorate the potential of the people. The techniques of the Art of Living course are so successful that it is recognized by the United Nations and scores of multinational have it on their annual HRD agenda. The Sudarshan Kriya (the famous Art of Living yoga) has also been patented with an encircled 'R' suffixed to it.

About Art of Living Ashram
The Art of Living ashram is perched on a small hill, a part of the rambling landscape full of hills and dales. Spanning over a large area the complex includes offices, snack shop, dining hall, residential quarters, library, prayer hall, beautifully maintained lawns and an exquisitely constructed lotus-shaped tower. The ashram complex also houses a school, which caters to about 700 children from the nearby villages. Immense time and labor has gone into the making of this paradise on a piece of land that once used to be barren and rock strewn. A heavenly abode to all the visitors who wish to rejuvenate from their stress.

About the Guru
The Art of Living cult is headed by Shri Ravi Shankarji or Gurudev. The activities with the ashram involves singing Jai Gurudev hymns, Art of living bhajans and chants at the Art of living satsang. The music gradually rises to a crescendo and the devotees begin to rock and sway as they get totally lost in the trance. At the height of the mesmerizing chanting, Shri Ravi Shankarji , a fragile man who slowly makes his way to the stage, arms slightly raised and gently swaying to the hymn. A soft personality with extolling the virtues of love and brotherhood and then extends his arms for everyone to come forth and embrace him. A personality that represents love and peace through his efforts.

Beyond Art of Living Courses
The essential course is planned to improve our daily efficiency by enhancing the quality of our life at every level: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual through Art of living meditation. It also attempts to provide practical tools to lessen the effects of distress.

Significantly, there are special courses for children between eight and 16 years of age known as the Art Excel Course taught through Art of living books. The ashram also offer advanced courses, and the Sahaja Samadhi Course. Versions of the Art of Living Courses are also being offered to those suffering from HIV and AIDs and inmates in prison. The Art of Living courses are open to the general public and are held all over the world. In India, alone they are held in over 19 states. Advanced students, who have undergone the initial training and are competent to take their students through this spiritual journey, generally conduct the courses. Another significant fact is that the fees of these courses varies from one place to another. For example the basic course in Mumbai costs Rs 1500, while in Bangalore it is Rs 1000.

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Booking Information/Reservation

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