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Guruvayoor Travel :The fourth biggest temple in India in terms of the number of devotees per day, Guruvayoor Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Though the devotees worship him as Lord Krishna, the deity is that of a complete man incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu with four arms. This shrine is popularly known as the Dwaraka of south and is in the form of a rectangle. There are a lot of mural paintings around the Shrine. Being one of the most sacred and important pilgrim centres of Kerala, it is probably the only temple in the state that hosts the maximum number of marriages and rice feeding ceremony, the ritual first meal for infants. Important sites of the town could be tracked through Guruvayoor map.

Guruvayoor Temple History
The Guru along with his disciple Vayudeva (god of air), found a place which was recommended by Lord Paramashiva. Thus the Guru and Vayu installed this deity and Paramashiva named the place as Guruvayoor. The idol is carved out a stone called 'Pathala Anjana Sila' and is utmost sacred. The place selected for the installation was suitably sacred by the presence of Lord Shiva.

Guruvayoor Temple Vazhipadu Design & Construction
The outer enclosure has a 33.5-m tall gold-plated flag post and there is also a 7 m high pillar of lamps, whose thirteen circular receptacles provide a truly brilliant spectacle, when lit. The square 'Sreekovil' is the sacred sanctum sanctorum of the temple, housing the main deity. Within the temple, there are also the images of Ganapathy, Sree Ayyappa and Edathedathy Kavil Bhagavathy. Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple. Appreciate its architectural beauty and indulge yourself in taking Guruvayoor Temple photos.

Governing BODY
Guruvayur Devaswom

Guruvayoor Temple Elephants
Elephants race at Guruvayur Temple , Kerala. Gajarajan Guruvayoor Kesavan (death: December 2, 1976)[1] is perhaps the most famous and celebrated captive elephant in Kerala, southern India. Kesavan was donated to the Guruvayur Hindu temple by the royal family of Nilambur in 1916. It is a common Hindu custom in Kerala to donate elephants to the deity of the temple as an offering, Guruvayur temple have a very good facilities to maintain all of these elephants now totaling 60 in

Guruvayoor Temple Elephants

Krishna Inn
Sopanam Heritage
Hotel Fort Gate
Sree Gokulam Sabari
Hotel Sree Nandanam
Hotel Devaragam
Gokulam Resort

Guruvayoor Temple Timings
3.20am to 3.30am : Oilabhishekam, Vakacharthu, Sankhabhishekam
3.30am to 4.15am :Malar Nivedyam, Alankaram
4.15am to 4.30am :Usha Nivedyam
4.30am to 6.15am :Ethirettu pooja followed by Usha pooja
7.15am to 9.00am :Seeveli,Palabhishekam,Navakabhishekam, Pantheeradi Nivedyam, and Pooja 11.30am to 12.30pm :Ucha pooja (the noon pooja)

4.30pm to 5.00pm :Seeveli
6.00pm to 6.45pm :Deeparadhana
7.30pm to 7.45pm :Athazha pooja Nivedyam
7.45pm to 8.15pm :Athazha pooja
8.45pm to 9.00pm :Athazha seeveli
9.00pm to 9.15pm :Thrippuka, Olavayana
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